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Coco Loco : An ode to Coconuts

Ah coconuts! Coconuts are the way of lives for many on the southern states of India, cuisines revolve around coconuts and their byproduct’s, Back in the days when I was a kid before the Condo or the apartment culture came about there were individual houses, houses which graced the holy basil in the Center or the kollapuram (backyard) and every house had couple of those long and slender stemmed coconut trees, and we would have men whose livelihood depended upon climbing those using a strap and a technique which bewilders the law of gravity and made us children gasp in awe; Men would climb and pluck and throw the tender coconuts  down, we would all want a share of the nectar which is due in these, and when your lucky one tends to even find the flowers inside.

The coconut travels across globes and can adapt to its surroundings and across cultures,  but the legend has it that the origins of coconut tree is virtually unknown,The palms are frequently mentioned in early tamil literature dat…

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